What is coaching?

Everybody wants to be happy and successful in the life but should be aware of the fact that personal development is the essence of happiness and success.

Personal Development is a process that involves the use of many techniques and strategies to motivate you on your way towards achieving goals.

Personal Development is to take steps to establish good relationships with others.

Personal Development is to replace your negative thoughts, judgments, and beliefs, with positive thoughts, judgments, and beliefs.

Personal Development is a process in which individuals expose their highest potentials from the conditions and situations they are in.

Personal development begins with self-awareness, as the person gets to know his or her situation and the surrounding conditions, and decides to improve his or her skills in the areas where he or she is incompetent. This moment is a waypoint, and the person will need a professional travelling companion. The travelling companion is the COACH who will help the person towards achieving goals.

The popularity of coaching has been increasing for over thirty years all over the world and for over ten years in Turkey, because it is primarily the fastest method for individuals and corporations to produce the desired results. Feedbacks and observation reports proved that at the corporate level, coaching positively impacts efficiency, profit rates, and performance evaluation results, and at the individual level, it positively impacts performance of success.

Who is the Coach?

A coach is a well-educated professional, a mediator who will help clients to see themselves to solve their problems and issues, and guide them towards achieving goals. Furthermore, a coach is impartial, unbiased, solution oriented, and listens well, asks strong questions, uses coaching techniques, respects ethical values, and moreover, clients’ confidant.

Coaching Process

A coach knows that clients have the potentials to solve their problems, and the answers thereof, and helps clients to use their potentials. Coach, guides the client to find the most accurate and the most appropriate solution. In other words, keeps the client on the right track and guides the client on matters such as how to get the desired result (ideal self), what the options are, preparation and implementation of an action plan. A coach will not be interested in the past, and will focus on the moment, what to do next, and how to achieve the goal.