Individual Coaching

Whatever is the reason, all of us rarely or often felt negative and felled down as morally.  Then we may start to see the world from a different angle and we may start the change by ourselves or when/if we see a necessity, we get support from a coach or consultant to begin changing. We continue our ways having more power and confidence with the additional experiences and acquisition gained from this fall. Life is a challenging and continuous process which means we may fall down again and the experiences and acquisition gained from previous fall cannot be seen, felt or as sufficient by us even though they are sufficient. The voice inside of us may start a negative discourse during day and night and it may be the time to stop this voice. Even we had sharpened our targets; we may live difficulties caused by ourselves to continue our ways. Coaching is one of the ways will keep you on the way to stop and to change negative discourse to positive way of our inside voices. Coaching is a professional service intended for our needs of change that we may face in our social and/or business life at all ages and anytime. Below topics are our coaching services:

·  Personal Development Coaching

·  Career Coaching

·  Coaching for students